What size Linen should I buy for my child’s bed?

When redoing your child’s bedroom, you want to buy linen that will last, which is why we have chosen to stock the Hiccups range of linen. (That and its incredible gorgeous!)

We always suggest to customers to buy a duvet and cover a size bigger than the bed you buy. So if you buy a single bed, you buy ¾ Duvet, and if you buy a ¾ bed, you get a double duvet etc. This is because bedding a size bigger falls better around the bed and will fully cover your mattress, giving you a much better look, while if you buy the ‘correct’ size, your mattress is going to show on both sides. Having a size bigger also allows your child to move around a bit at night and pull the duvet here and there (as kids do) without letting cold air in.