Kids Cove goes exclusively online

We’ve had to make some tough decisions that hugely impacts the lives of the people who work in our business. As the effects of COVID continue to play out, not only in our lives, but what clearly seems to be happening in the lives of our customers, and amidst rising material costs and inflexible overheads, […]

Lockdown a plan for your kid’s room

Lockdown a plan for your kid’s room during this enforced downtime at home. Take advantage of the time you have together to plan a better space for them to study, play and contemplate life in. Clean space – clear mind! You should start with a good cleanout. More than ever, there will be others out […]

Mattress Protector - Protect-a-Bed Kids Cove

Tips to help your toddler move from cot to ‘big’ bed

Source: Protect-a-Bed, a Kids Cove supplier YouTube is crammed with videos of ingenious toddlers scaling the bars of their cots in gymnastic bids for freedom. Adorable as these pint-sized Houdinis may be, once a toddler gets the hang of flying the coop, it’s time to deal with yet another childhood milestone: your Toddler’s move from […]

Cable Knit Throw - Taupe

4 reasons to go ‘Au Naturel’

Humans like to consume, consume, consume In a world obsessed with consumption, Kids Cove makes a concerted effort to sell products that last. We believe in sourcing quality products that stand the test of time as we don’t want to place unnecessary strain on our already fragile environment. Plus, we know that big purchases aren’t made […]

Safety Rail - Short or Long

No more hard knocks in the night time

The Kids Cove Safety Rail Our safety rails come in two sizes: Long (1.5m) and Short (1.2m). They are available in white and various colour options from our standard palette using Duco oil-based spray on paint. The rails are made out of sturdy MDF wood and are a complementary design addition to a smart room. […]

Aids to organise a busy child’s day

Kids Cove can help your child get organised for homework and activities. A dedicated homework corner is important in order to be productive, so we’re suggesting you consider these great desks, as well as bookshelves, pigeon holes and more to help keep their desks uncluttered – less distractions, more studying! 1. DESKS Kids Cove has desks that […]

What size Linen should I buy for my child’s bed?

When redoing your child’s bedroom, you want to buy linen that will last, which is why we have chosen to stock the Hiccups range of linen. (That and its incredible gorgeous!) We always suggest to customers to buy a duvet and cover a size bigger than the bed you buy. So if you buy a […]

Storage Solutions! – Pigeon Hole Units

‘A place for everything and everything in its place!’ Ah it really is so much easier to keep your child’s room tidy when your have proper storage items. Kids Cove offers an exclusive range of storage solutions that are as stylish as they are practical. Our pigeon hole units come in a range of sizes […]