Pinboard – Kombi



Vintage classic pinboard

A place to pin interesting things, notes or your children’s artwork. Also a way to continue to appreciate some of yesteryear’s icons and the idea of adventure. Never forget another swimming lesson or library book day again with our Kombi pinboard or plans for holidays and travel. View the rest of our range of cork pinboards in all shapes and sizes.

Where to put it?

The wall space above your desk, the convenient wall space in the office, the spot where the kids like to put up their artwork, in the kitchen, or even at the front door to remember things for school on your way out the door.

We have an interesting range of pinboards in all shapes and sizes. See the rest of our range under wall decor.


  • Extra Large – 90cm x 60cm


  • 6mm Fine Agglomerate Cork against…
  • 9mm MDF supawood backing board…with
  • Hanging system is pre-installed

Additional information

Dimensions 90 × 60 cm

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