4 reasons to go ‘Au Naturel’

Humans like to consume, consume, consume

In a world obsessed with consumption, Kids Cove makes a concerted effort to sell products that last. We believe in sourcing quality products that stand the test of time as we don’t want to place unnecessary strain on our already fragile environment.

Plus, we know that big purchases aren’t made lightly and we want our customers to get the best value for their money.

Locally made, environmentally friendly

Cable Knit Throw styledIt begins with our furniture, but our linen and soft furnishings are no exception.

Yes, we do stock cotton blend items too – there is no avoiding this if we want to be able to provide some quirky and unique options in bedding.

However, we recently received the most beautiful locally made cable knit blankets and throws. These lush pure cotton blankets in a lovely variety of colours come in stroller, cot, single, double/queen and king sizes and can be used by both children and adults.

Even doctors recommend using cotton bedding and clothing for babies because natural fibres like cotton are soft, breathable and provide natural warmth. Cotton is well known for regulating temperature, which is particularly important for babies. Cotton washes nicely and dries quickly too. Here are FOUR great benefits of going natural worth mentioning:-

  1. Cotton is a 100% organic fibre that is naturally hypo-allergenic and softer on baby’s skin. No eczema, no rashes, nor asthma triggers, as the fibre does not release small particulates and is not treated with harmful chemicals like many other fabrics.
  2. Cotton fabrics provide better aeration and remove/absorb moisture from the body easily – keeping your baby cool.
  3. Easy to use, easier to clean than other fabrics, can be tumble dried or hung on the line.
  4. Natural, durable, biodegradable and good for the environment.

They say when a small baby cries, it’s one of 4 things:

Cable Knit Throw - GreyUse our cable knit throws and blankets to eliminate one of the three possibilities 🙂

  • They’re hungry
  • They have a wet/dirty nappy
  • They’re hot/cold
  • They’re tired
  • You can add, ‘they want to play with your iPad’ when they’re older 😉

We also have some lovely products in other natural fibres for the same reasons – check out our wool baby duvet inners, wool pillow inners, wool bumper inners, bamboo cot mattresses, Egyptian cotton baby linenduvet covers for kids beds and much more.

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