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Glow in the dark Dots


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Give your child something cool to look at every night before they close their eyes to sleep with these fun Glow In The Dark Dots wall stickers. Upgrade your little one’s night light into something more spectacular. If your child is scared of the dark, these wall stickers are sure to captivate their eyes making them forget about their fear. Decorate a playroom, movie room, bedroom and more with these unique wall decals.


Number of Wall Decals:  Each Glow In The Dark Dots wall decal package comes with enough dots to decorate multiple walls in a room, let alone more than one room. Included is four sheets of Glow In The Dark Dots wall decals for a total of 180 dots.


Additional Information:

Unlike other forms of decorating, RoomMates removable and repositionable wall decals are completely reusable.

If you are getting ready for a big move, invite your wall decals to the walls of your new home.

Simply remove each wall sticker from the surface and stick them on the original backing or a piece of wax paper and store for future use!

These vinyl wall art stickers can also be used on glass, cupboards, appliances, tiles, etc. As long as the surface is clean and smooth.

Each pack comes with detailed installation instructions.