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Deglingos Jelekros the Lion – Variations




The Deglingos plush toys are a group of crazy, funky animals with their own quirky language.

Made from a super soft thick corduroy, jute fabric, and a patchwork of hip patterns, they are perfect as a companion or for simply decorating your child’s bedroom.

There’s just no better and unique toy to cuddle than the Deglingos Original Plush Toys. And the Deglingos range comes in the following styles:

  • Original – a larger plush toy of around 30cm in various characters (see all below)
  • Simply 23cm – a slightly small plush toy in various characters
  • Simply 16cm – even smaller, perfect for smaller children and babies. Easily packs in a bag for travel
  • Baby Doudou comfort blanket – a triangle of fabric and character head perfect for snuggling and giving comfort to babies
  • Musical – a lovely musical pull toy perfect for cots and strollers to keep baby entertained or to hush him/her to sleep
  • Activity Shaky’s – pull and see them jiggle
  • Pacifier/dummy clips for holding on to the dummy – no more floor drops or lost dummies

The Deglingos plush toys are French Designer Plushes with beautiful, individual styling.

Each character is lovingly made with its own unique fabric detail, making this selection of funky characters are a marvel to behold.

Each boasts its own cute personality and is what inspires the rest of this unmatched collection.

  • A collection of unique, eclectic little masterpieces of craziness, lovableness and fabulous fun.
  • Quirky and contagious, French-designed plush toys and baby accessories.
  • Perfectly and beautifully made from 50 different kinds of string and fabric.
  • A range of fully machine-washable products – exploratory, visual and tactile development for babies, toddlers and older.

The Deglingos Plush Toys come in various characters and various product ranges (many in-store and more available on order):

  • Nonos the Dog
  • Pikos the Hedgehog
  • Lapinos the Bunny
  • Bogos the Monkey
  • Jambonos the Pig
  • Sandykilos the Elephant
  • Hippipos the Hippo
  • BigBos the Wolf
  • Ratos the Rat
  • Milkos the Cow
  • Gromos the Bear
  • Croakos the Frog
  • Oogalos the Horse
  • Charlos the Cat
  • Jelekros the Lion
  • Operchos the Giraffe
  • Illicos the Polar Bear
  • Frigos the Penguin

Pop in-store to see what we stock in the fabulous French Deglingos Plush Toys range.

Cousins of the Deglingos range, the Funky Garden musicals, are also very cute and can be found in the shop.

Buy online now or come visit us at our showroom in Tokai, Cape Town today.

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