Colourful Wooden Alphabet Letters and Symbols – Stock Clearance




Build your own words or put your child’s name on his/her bedroom door or wall with these lovely colourful wooden letters in a big or slightly smaller size. Available in:

  • Decorative Small Alphabet Letters
  • Decorative Large Alphabet Letters
  • Decorative ‘&’ symbol and apostrophe ‘ now also available.

Note: There are NO CAPITAL LETTERS in this range. There are only large lower case letters and small lower case letters.

Laser cut wooden letters

Count the letters in your name/word and specify under quantity. All letters are lower case but in larger or smaller sizing.

When ordering:

Note that letters are sold separately.

Please specify your top 3 colour choices for each letter and we will try to accommodate you, however we don’t always have specific quantities of each. Note also which letter should be in the large size and which in the smaller. Note: all letters are lower case, no CAPS.


Red, dark blue, canary yellow, orange (being phased out), lime green, lilac, light pink, light blue, bluey grey, purple.

We will try to accommodate your first requests (put in notes of your order online) but we just have a variation of each colour and sometimes your colour preference may no longer be available and we will present alternatives.


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