Beach House Extra Large Rug (1800x1200mm)


No returns on sale items.


Best Quality Beach House Extra Large Rug on sale

These high-quality hand-woven extra large rugs are perfect for a child’s room. They’re mostly cotton with a small percentage of synthetic. 80/20 generally.

Patterns and Colours

Choose from an assortment of patterns and designs that light up any space.

We cannot guarantee that what is shown here right now is definitely available because there is often only one of a kind made and the range changes quickly. However, if you see a picture you like then take a screenshot and pop us an email to inquire.


We stock both Large (1550 x 1000cm) and Extra Large (1800 x 1200cm) which are these displayed here, at Kids Cove.


The best part is that the rugs can be washed like any other item in a standard washing machine.

Please visit or call us to see what colours and sizes are available in stock at the moment.

Additional information


Large (1550 x 1000cm), Extra Large (1800 x 1200cm), Bedside, Round (110cm)


Stripe, Check, Block, Crocheted

Colour Variations

Pink/Stone, Grey/White, Pink/Grey, Pink/White, Pink/White/Grey, Blue/White/Cream, Black/White, Light Lime/White/Blue, Navy Blue/Shaggy White, Light Blue/Grey, White/Lime, Stone/Shaggy Cream/White, Lilac/White/Pink, White/Indigo Blue/Pink, Grey/Pink, Cream Rope Weave, White/Brown/Pink, Indigo Blue/White/Yellow, Periwinkle Blue/Green/White, Periwinkle Blue/Red/White, Beach House Blue/White, Blue/Natural, Pink/Lilac, Stone/Navy/White, Lt Blue/Stone/White, Navy/Lt Blue/White, Sky Blue/White, Dk Blue

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