3D Papillon Butterfly Wall Stickers – Pink – Stock Clearance


17 butterflies available in pink only – 1 Pack ONLY for Stock clearance

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Have fun by creating the illusion of magical butterflies fluttering through the window and over your wall. The 3D wall art is made from high quality art board that is easy to fold and apply.

All butterflies come separately, so you can position the wall art items around your windows, plants and furniture. Our 3D wall art is the perfect alternative for people with rough walls or to create something different!


Include: 17 butterflies.

Size:  Biggest Papilions: 8,5 cm

Colour:  Bright pink

Each Pack Contains: 1 Sheet of laser cut paper designs and pieces of adhesive tape


Additional Information:

  1. These Fantastick 3D paper wall décor items are laser cut from high quality art board with a shimmer finish. Adhesive tape is included. Alternatively Prestik can also be used.
  2. These products can be used on any surface.
  3. The designs come flat and attached to a sheet of paper. It can be easily removed by cutting the small connections to the sheet of paper. Once removed from the sheet you can bend the wings to give it a 3D effect.
  4. Applying this 3D wall art is very simple and creates lots of fun for the whole family. Arrange and stick to your wall by using small pieces of prestik or the tape provided.
  5. The designs are original, creative and fun.The beauty of these products is that it’s removable and it won’t damage the paint so it is easy to change when you want to update your décor.
  6. Each pack comes with detailed instructions and a demonstration of what it must look like.