Lockdown a plan for your kid’s room

Lockdown a plan for your kid’s room during this enforced downtime at home. Take advantage of the time you have together to plan a better space for them to study, play and contemplate life in. Clean space – clear mind!

You should start with a good cleanout.

More than ever, there will be others out there that can put your has-beens to good use. Get rid of items you no longer use by asking yourself when it was last used and if there’s someone that will get better use of it. A good clear out of old toys, shabby-looking linen and out of date furniture is cathartic. I find it useful to pretend you’re moving to a smaller house and you have to carry everything in and out yourself.

Use a room planning tool to map out the space.

There are a few free online room planning tools out there. I’ve test-driven many and found that some are only available using inches – that’s out for South Africans; some require lengthy sign-up – we don’t want to be bothered with that, and some aren’t user-friendly. I thought this one ticked all the boxes and helped easily map out a space using the metric system https://roomstyler.com/3dplanner. You can also start using it immediately.

People will often see a bed in our showroom and imagine they have more space than they actually do, this can become a problem on delivery day. It can also be difficult to visualise what you already have and that 1m space you have for a storage unit can suddenly seem much bigger than it actually is.

Here are some key tips when planning:

Kids need space to play. Don’t fill every inch of floor space with furniture. A colourful rug is soft on little knees and it gives a lot of brightness to a space. It can also be changed easily and affordably as tastes change.

Beautiful storage for toys can smarten up a room and hide a multitude of sins. With removable crates like those in our pigeon hole units, your child can take the toys to where he/she is playing.

A bed is often used for more than sleeping, a hangout spot – a reading spot – a playing spot. It doesn’t have to be drab and boring. We have a lot of choice in terms of style, size and colour.

Consider where the best light is when planning where to put a desk, avoiding reflection when using computers.

Is entry to the room clear and easy to navigate? Can you open cupboard doors wide and pull out trundle beds fully? Can you reach the window? Have you left room for curtains to fall naturally? Is the feng-shui good?

Character linen is out and fresh colours, quality cotton and stylish themes are in – one’s that tie together other decor in the room and can be subtly changed as your child grows older.

Don’t forget to let your child have a say in what that room looks like. Give them options and let them participate in making their space special – they will, after all, be the ones using the room most.

Place your orders online now at www.kidscove.co.za. Any person placing an order with Kids Cove during lockdown and quoting this reference at checkout: #lockdowndelivery will get delivery of all furniture items (does not apply to linen and decor) up to 20km for free!

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